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About us

Wuhan Zhongshi International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a freight forwarder with licenses, approved by Wuhan Administration of Industry & Commerce.

Zhongshi International Logistics is a full service international freight forwarder offering shipping, airlift, land-carriage, which includes booking space, warehousing, transferring, consolidations, devanning, customs clearance, insurance, pick up and logistics delivery etc.

Zhongshi International Logistics has managed international transportation for many years. Since the start of 2004, it moves quickly to become one of the most important players in ocean & air freight industry in Hubei province. Its business relationship covers Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou etc, besides Hubei province.

Zhongshi International Logistics has signed agency agreements with world-wide carriers and airways and keeps good relationship with carriers, airways and customs of main ports in China, thus, we can provide best service to our customers. Meanwhile we have established international network from beginning and also provide service for international customers.

Meeting customer's needs and dedicated to customer satisfaction with qualified service is only our reason to obtain the recognitions and trust from our customers.

Scope Of Service
Sea Freight Service(FCL,LCL)
Air Freight Service
Truck Transport
Import Transport
Other Service
Contact Us

General Machine: 027-83778233
Direct line: 027-85619459  
Fax: 027-85615813   
Post Code: 430022
Address:Room 1505,Tower 7,Oceanwide SOHO International,Wuhan CBD Area,Jianghan District,Hubei Province,430022,China
Email: [email protected]


General Machine: 027-83771822
Direct line: 027-85619459    Fax: 027-85615813    Post Code: 430022
Address:Room 1505,Tower 7,Oceanwide SOHO International, Wuhan CBD Area,Jianghan District,Hubei Province,430022,China
Email: [email protected] 鄂ICP備18003401號-1

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